Welcome to Lafaurie

We are a French menswear brand that designs a wardrobe with high-quality luxury fabrics at an affordable price. We love subtle color combinations, and we create pragmatic and minimalist clothes.

Our heritage lies in the heart of France. Rooted in Parisian culture, we love clothes, but above all, we love the man who wears them. Cerebral, sexy, subtle yet transgressive, timeless yet resolutely contemporary, elegant in allure and spirit.
It's within these contradictions and singularities that we find the pleasure of being ourselves, of becoming the artist of our style and life.

At Lafaurie, sophistication is more than just a style—it's a way of life. Whether it's a tailored suit for the boardroom or a relaxed ensemble for a weekend getaway, our designs effortlessly transition from day to night with a timeless elegance that is always in vogue.

Lafaurie today

Theo and Pablo are the two brothers who took over the reins of the Lafaurie brand in 2018, a sleeping beauty founded in 1991.

Since then, they have always continued reinventing and developing the brand while staying true to their heritage.
They draw inspiration from their history, their neighborhood of Saint Germain in Paris, the cities they have lived in, the people they have met, and the artists who have influenced them.

In short, they are influenced by the richness of the world around them. Using the men's wardrobe archetypes as a canvas, Lafaurie creates the classics of our time, combining the precision of tailoring with a playful sense of détournement.

The quality of Lafaurie's craftsmanship

Half artisans and half artists, Lafaurie teams focus on quality and imagination. The research and design work, the meticulous selection of top-quality materials, the perfect fit, and the perfect price: creating the right product is an obsession at the design studio next to Place Saint-Sulpice in Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

The thousand-and-one details and the color variations, especially the grayed and half-toned colors, are all elements the Lafaurie teams collaborate on with the best workshops in Europe and the Mediterranean basin. The human element is at the heart of our message and product, and we always work directly with all our workshops without intermediaries.

The history of Lafaurie in the United States

The history of the brand in the United States dates back to the 1990s when the brand established a network of boutiques in New York. These boutiques were not just retail spaces but also places where French culture and style were celebrated. Through these iconic boutiques, Lafaurie captured the imagination of American customers by offering an exquisite selection of clothing and accessories, all infused with the craftsmanship and refined aesthetic that define the brand.

Although the fashion landscape has evolved since then, the legacy of these boutiques continues to inspire Lafaurie's presence in the United States today through the online shop.

That's why we aim to make Lafaurie products accessible, and we are committed to providing you with a luxury and seamless e-commerce experience. With Lafaurie, you will enjoy a perfect shipping experience from delivery (72-hour shipping without any hidden fees, easy and free returns) and proactive customer care if needed. Please check our “Delivery and Returns” page for any questions!